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Automated Digital Agency

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Make passive income with your own Automated Digital Agency, No experience or Tech knowledge needed, EVERYTHING is done for you!


Simply put an Automated Digital Agency is  where you act as a middleman between Your Customer & Your Supplier.

For example, you sell a Website Design Service for $600 and your Supplier (A Web Designer) delivers it to your customer for $300, leaving you with $300 profit. Just like Dropshipping, but in this case we don’t sell physical products.

The Digital agency Business Websites that we create offer Web Design, Facebook Ads & Social Media Management, you can choose to offer all or only one, you can also choose other services, such as content creation, graphic design, etc.

We have many years of experience in Niche Research & know what it takes to establish online businesses that really work. Using professional Digital Marketing tools such as SEMrush, we have discovered profitable opportunities within specific niches and formulated the best way to deliver them in the current market.

We have identified that Agencies offering Web design, Content creation + Facebook Ads Management + Social Media Management are the businesses MOST suited to Growth & Prosperity in future business environments.



Web Design – For example, As the owner of this business you will be offering Website Design services $600 and make $300 net profit per transaction. And your supplier deals with the customer through the development stage and does all of the delivery and support. You don’t need Web Design Skills.

Facebook Ads Management – For example, You will be providing a service that offers Monthly Management & Optimization of Facebook Ad Campaigns. You charge $169-$439, your profit $79-$219 per customer. Everything is outsourced, and you can put your customers on Automatic Monthly Billing. You don’t need Facebook Ads Management skills.


Social Media Management –For Example, You will be providing a service that offers Social Media Posting Daily over 1 month for $149 & you make $100 net profit per month, then set up each customer on Automatic Monthly Billing.

This business comes with a dedicated supplier so you don’t need any Social Media Posting experience, software subscription or skills.


If you start forecasting 10 sales per day with your new Agency Website this could bring in up to $3000 per day.

And it is not necessarily the higher value services which are harder to fulfill. For example if you sell a Website Package for $600 you make $300 profit very quickly just by forwarding an email. If you sell a Facebook Ads Management Package you could have your customer on automatic billing netting you $239 per month hands free.

Our Agency Websites are also set up with the essential tool of ticked email/chat, so you can create a ticket for each new customer you get & keep track of the details of each customer without worrying about losing email communication in spam filters. is free and permanent with no ongoing expenses. We also provide a guide to assist you with gaining clients and keeping steady residuals coming in.

Basic text and animated logo included!

Check out examples below:

Demo 1

Ycbab demo store

Ycbab demo store

 You will need hosting & domain, visit our sister site here to set both up. Around $20 monthly for hosting and $10-$20 yearly for your domain.