Done For You 2021 Planner
Done For You 2021 Planner
Done For You 2021 Planner

Done For You 2021 Planner

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Heeey Fab Dolls!!! ❤️

Are you ready to publish planners for 2021???

This template will save you hours and hours of creation time!

You get this beautiful template you can slap directly into your Canva account. It will be yours and ready to adjust to your unique planner(s). Brand it and resell it to your clients, you can do whatever you like! ❤️

The 2021 Planner includes:

❤️An inside cover page and a belongs to page (2p)
❤️2021 Calendar (2p)
❤️monthly planner with dates (24p)
❤️weekly planner with quotes & dates (53p)
❤️monthly goals (12p)
❤️a weekly schedule (2p)
❤️a journal page (1p)
❤️to-do list (2p)
❤️goal checklist (1p)
❤️contacts (1p)

All you have to do, is copy and shift the pages into your finished product then export the print-ready file. You can change the trim size, fonts, sizes, positions, backgrounds, and other elements as you wish to really make it yours! And, even better, you can change it and use it again and again for various products!

This is a game changer Dolls! You better jump on it!

Done For You 2021 Planner