Fab DFY Income Making Makeup Website
Fab DFY Income Making Makeup Website
Fab DFY Income Making Makeup Website

Fab DFY Income Making Makeup Website

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I don't EVENNNN have to tell you that Makeup has always been an important factor in a woman’s life. These days there are a ton of companies tooting their horns about the benefits, quality and naturalness of their products so much that it can make it tough for anyone to choose. Having knowledge of the ins and outs of the makeup world can be a huge plus for many women ANNNNNNNND this is where you come in..."Let's Hear it Forrrrrrrr (insert your name here) 

See what I did there? (Don't Delete Me) 😊

What if you had a Fab DFY website that is dedicated to most everything makeup, from eyeliner, nail polish & bronzers, to lipsticks, correctors, & more???

What the heck is a Fab DFY website? Fab DFY website just stands for Fabulous Done-For-Website! It's just like it sounds, a Fabulous Website that's done for you!

This is your HUGE opportunity to cash in on those must have beauty products. The best thing about is that almost every woman is a prospect, making it a very big pool of paying customers.

You will be getting a complete Makeup website that’s ready to go straight out of the box! 

From Information to amazing tricks and tips, it’s all there. It even comes pre-loaded with over 350 Amazon Makeup products, built in and posted into the site for you, the work has already been completely done for you.

The main site contains 20 quality text posts covering such categories as:

* Makeup for Advanced
* Make For Beginners
* Makeup Tips

With Posts such as:

* Makeup Disasters You’ll Want To Avoid
* The Importance of Make Up Brushes
* How To Avoid The Pitfalls of Buying Makeup Online
* Essential Items For Your Make Up Bag

Again… You’ll also be getting a site that is stocked with Over 200 beauty and Related Amazon Products. Categories include:

* Eyeliner
* Eyeshadow
* Lip Gloss
* Lip Makeup
* Lip Plumpers
* Mac Makeup
* Makeup Brushes
* Makeup Kits
* Mascara
* Nail Polish

Don't worry, these products are listed with full descriptions that equals to LOADS of text for the search engines to eat up, giving you a better chance of ranking well on Google.

Oh and here's the most important part, THE RESIDUALS! THE INCOME, THE MOOLAH..Ok you get the point. You will be making money from this Fab DFY website a few ways:

The Revenue Model:

Over 350 Makeup related Products from Amazon (less than a minute to put in your Amazon affiliate links, if you're not already an Amazon affiliate, you'll receive step by step instructions on setting up your account) you will get paid everytime someone purchases through your link.

Google Adsense Ads (ads on every single post page, 100’s) if you're not familiar with google adsense, instructions will be provided on setting up an account) You will make money from people viewing & clicking on these ads.

Clickbank related Ads for Makeup related digital products. (If you do not have a click bank account, instructions will be given to you on how to set up your account) You will make money from people viewing & clicking on these ads

These are all FREE Accounts to set

If you've been sleeping on Affiliate marketing and making money from clicks, I'm about to wake that A** Up! This is where the real money is!

You will also be getting a Makeup Video page to attract and keep your visitors on your website, so they buy from your Affiliate Links:

* Makeup Videos

These videos are embedded on your site to bring in visitors, keep them coming back and telling all their friends and family. It's crazy, your own viral marketing built in, you cannot get any better than that! These videos are also very informative too, they're the Do-It-Yourself type, so your website becomes a resource of usable, valuable beauty information.

Best of all this site uses the wordpress platform, all the wordpress files are even included, so you know it’s easy to use and profit from.

Blog Core Features:

Google Analytics to track your visitors and web traffic
Content Preloaded Ready-to-go
Plugin’s Pre-Loaded Ready-to-go
RSS Feeds to spread your content around the world
Makeup Video page from YouTube
Custom Coded Tag Cloud

Gain the Advantage in the Search Engines with these Built in Features:

SEO Plug-in to help get your site to the top of the Search Engines.
Site Map so the search engines can find every single page on your site
Search Engine Friendly URL’s (included theme is SEO ready)
100’s of Tags which means more pages to get ranked in the Search Engines

Everything is included…

You will be getting everything you need to have your very own Makeup Website.

Get your store now and get in on this VERY LUCRATIVE market Today!

Whoops! I almost left something out, the sites are also very easy to navigate for you and your visitors. You can easily add new content, edit the current content, or change the site as you wish. You make it your own. It’s your website to do with what you will!

Yeah, you definitely better jump on this one!

One more thing...

You get a FREE Domain For a WHOLE year (Around $15 a year)


 FREE hosting for 30 days! (Around $25 Monthly)


Fab DFY Income Making Makeup Website