Tax Exempt Non Profit Status Package

Tax Exempt Non Profit Status Package

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Do you need help getting your tax exempt status for your non profit?

Let me complete the forms for you with guaranteed approval. Keep in mind that the IRS charges a filing fee of $275 and your state charges a small fee as well. You are responsible for all filing fees. It takes me 7-10 business days to do your paperwork and it takes the IRS 14-45 business days to approve. I just need the name and address of your organization and 3 board members.

This package covers....

✔️Articles of Incorporation

✔️Tax Exempt Application Bylaws

✔️Conflict of Interest Policy


(This package is for 1023 EZ form. There's a separate package for the 1023 form, if you prefer)

I have been doing tax exempt applications for the past 10 years and I have a 100% approval rate. I have completed over 2500 Tax Exempt Approvals and my company has helped our clients receive over 7 million dollars in grant funding.